The Regime: Kendra’s Journey, Book 2



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Can love survive in a world of zombies and aliens?

In a dystopian world that is struggling to recover from a nuclear war and that is dominated and ruled by aliens, Kendra manages to find love, peace, and harmony.

Sadly, her domestic bliss is shattered when she and her husband are captured by the alien regime and placed into the breeding program. With the help and sacrifice of her gentle caretaker, they manage to escape. Their bodies are free, but what about their minds? Has too much happened for them to come back to each other? To add to the story, their son is taken to the surface Center Land for safe keeping, but, without anyone’s knowlege or approval, he is sent to inner earth and placed in the child program. Now, they must find a way to get him back!

The Regime is book two of Kendra’s Journey in a world that offers steamy romance, nail biting peril, thrills,  a bit of horror, and a paradise-like sanctuary within its core. All she has to do is make her way there.

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